7.5.2019  Currently we have only 2 male puppies for sale Márty (8) a Krištof (6). Other puppies from Litter C  already found their new families.  

We are happy to present our new Whippet "Black edition" of puppies. Six puppies were just born today between 2 and 5 AM, The 8th of November 2018. We've got 2 girls and 4 boys. They will be available at the beginning of January 2019 (or before the end of 2018). 

Here you can see their pedigree: https://whippet.breedarchive.com/animal/view/bohemian-lady-black-bd1b1da6-3d0a-4e0f-b128-b68c38f0efd5  

You can also visit my facebook to see more pictures of our dogs.

All Puppies from Litter B are no more available