Welcome to our whippet kennel


 VIP Poppet


Thank you for visiting our website. Perhaps You have decided to buy a whippet puppy or maybe you're just about to make that decision.

The purpose of this website is to introduce you to this beautiful breed and our kennel and inform you about our upcoming or already existing litters.

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Věra Jelínková and my Whippet kennel is located in Central Bohemia, close to Rakovník.

My intention is to breed healthy, beautiful and very promising whippets of balanced nature and make happy those people who have decided for this wonderful breed. I specialize in whippets with excellent prerequisites for coursing.

It is an honour for me to pursue the successful efforts of our ancestors to breed such an elegant and perfect dog as whippet is and therefore help to preserve this wonderful breed for the next generation.

Why you should choose whippet as your pet?

Whippet is an excellent choice for those people who:

- want an inseparable friendship for the whole life.

- want to be proud of the beauty and elegance of their dog

- want the most affectionate and cuddly dog

- love doing sport activities

- don't want to have big problems with maintenance of dog or household

( moulting is nothing fatal with a whippet and also it cannot bring too much dirt to your home). In case you have to wash your whippet, it's not a big deal and it will dry before will reach your sofa.

Whippet is a very intuitive dog. It will learn to understand you and will want to make you always happy. You, on the other hand, need to learn to understand your whippet as well. This dog simply love movement and play therefore is important to keep whippet active.

My only wish is to see puppies from VIP Poppet kennel make you as happy as their moms make happy us and to see growing them in loving families.

If you decide to take a puppy from our kennel, welcome in our family VIP Poppet,

Věra Jelínková